School Shows

Do you need some amazing fun at your School that promotes learning? Or do you need an exciting new fundraiser? Have you considered MAGIC?

Magic at schools is unlike other magic shows. It is a special event—one that must be fun, interactive and entertaining, but also support the educational mission. This year the theme for our show is EXPLORATIONS.

Carefully mixing one-part humor, one-part audience participation, and one-part magic, this show takes the audience on a magical mystery, as Jim searches for the secret to defying gravity.

Ordinary objects appear, vanish, transform, multiply, and ultimately, a faculty member (or student) is suspended on a board 4 FEET in the Air! (space permitting—there is an alternate ending for small areas). During the performance, Jim demonstrates research, hard work, homework, practice and stick-to-it-ness. Students learn and remember these ideas, when they return to the classroom.

You might be thinking: this sounds like fun, but how does a magic show support and advance the educational mission? A school show must be more than stringing together a number of fun, exciting and amazing effects. Great Magic and Humor is a critical, but this show aids more. It models important behaviors that students need to succeed in school. During the show, Jim conducts research, practices to make perfect, stays on tasks, benefits from homework, and works, works, works until he succeeds. Instead of pedantically, explicitly repeating catch phrases, these behaviors are shown. They work. Students remember. We also supply a teachers guide to the performance.

Jim Perry Magic offers a unique mix of magic and comedy tailored to your needs:

  • Do you need a program to excite and motivate your K-6 students? Our Exploration Show features amazing effects using fire (optional), liquids, silks, cards with maximum audience participation and laughs. This show runs 30-45 minutes and can be performed in most any size room, with an 8’x8’ area for the performance.
  • Do you need a major family-friendly, production for a fundraiser or other special event? The Exploration Illusion Magic presents spectacular human productions and vanishes, exciting escapes, levitations, and other impossibilities on the grandest scale is just the thing. This show runs 45-75 minutes and requires an auditorium stage or gym floor with the audience seated bleachers or chairs.

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