Private Parties

Is your next event a wedding? A retirement? A family reunion or celebration? A Holiday get-together?

Jim’s experiences as a small business person, corporate manager, college professor, and performer inspire a creative, amazing escape from the mundane into a world of wonder.

Jim Perry Magic offers a unique mix of magic and comedy tailored to your event and your needs with several exciting entertainment options:

  • Comedy Stage Magic featuring amazing magic using fire, liquids, silks, cards and highly visual, magic effects with maximum audience participation and laughs (Show time 30-60 mins).
  • Close-up Magic that astonishes when the magic takes place right in the guest’’s hands, using cards, coins, balls, and other common objects (Show time 1-3 hours).
  • Illusion Magic with spectacular productions and vanishes, exciting escapes, penetrations, and other impossibilities on the grandest scale (Show time 45-90 minutes).

Jim Perry Magic provides a crisp, funny performance that places you and your guests first:

  • The show’s amazing magic and humor creates a friendly ambiance for your guests.
  • Every show is customized to your needs and your audience.
  • Magic leaves a lasting good impression and fond memory of your event.
  • The Stage Magic and Close Magic shows are self-contained, with no special requirements for staging, seating, lighting or sound, so we can set up quickly while you attend to the other details of the event.