Library Shows

Are you looking for a fun program for your library? Magic is always popular, but how about magic with a little something more. We have just the thing!

We take one part humor, one part audience participation, and one part magic to create laughs, wonders and illusions customized for your patrons!

We kick-off the show by involving every child in creating some magic follow-me style. Every show is different, but perhaps they will make an optical illusion with their own hands, or learn a trick they can share at home. Volunteers are used throughout the show. But that is just the beginning!

Our show uses ordinary objects–like playing cards, eggs, rope, balloons and more–from around the home to create extraordinary illusions. Things vanish and appear. The laws of physics are rewritten. We infuse the show with humor that draws on Jim’s years of experience as a comic magician inspired by physical (clown-like) humor. After the finale–which is a secret, but it is hard to escape–we provide a magic and/or juggling tutorial, so the fun can continue after the show is over.

Along the way, we invite volunteers from the audience to help, and we send each back a hero!

We have two great styles of magic to choose from:

  • Comedy Stage Magic featuring amazing magic using fire, liquids, silks, cards and highly visual, magic effects with maximum audience participation and laughs.
  • Close-up Magic that astonishes when the magic takes place right in the guest’s hands, using cards, coins, balls, and other common objects.

This is magic in a new guise, and it can happen in your library.

Jim Perry Magic provides a crisp, funny performance that places you and your patrons first:

  • The show’s amazing magic and humor creates a friendly ambiance for your patrons.
  • Every show is customized to your needs and your library.
  • Magic leaves a lasting good impression and fond memory.
  • The shows are self-contained, with no special requirements for staging, seating, lighting or sound, so we can set up quickly while you attend to all the other things going on at your library.

Why not bring some laughs, wonders and illusions to your library?

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