Corporate and Business Offerings

Are you planning a celebration or recognition event? Do you need to increase customers at your brick and mortar location or foot traffic at your vendor booth? Or maybe you want to raise your profile in the community?

Every business and organization needs to separate itself from the rest of the pack. Jim Perry Magic can help create that separation.

There is more to corporate entertainment than pulling rabbits out of hats or reading minds at the front of the room, or coin and card manipulations at a table. Of course, corporate entertainment must be fun, but why not make it so much more? Magic entertainment can create lasting good impressions and memories. It enables community and customer engagement. Most importantly, magic entertainment is message entertainment.

Message entertainment is the seamless integration of great entertainment with your message. Message entertainment is the key element of excellent corporate entertainment.

I start with your message. What important idea do you need to communicate to your audience? Is it a new product? an employee program? your brand? your appreciation? establishing thought leadership? Whatever you need to communicate, I make it a part of the fun. Then, I pull together to create an approach that incorporates your message into the performance.

This sounds like a lot of work. It is for me. But it is not for you. You know your business and brand. You already have marketing and sales materials. You already know what you need to communicate. Once you approve the approach, I rehearse and deliver a great show, with your message.

Message magic is perfect for celebrations and recognitions, marketing and sales, employee retention, and community engagement.

Learn more about leveraging magic in your business in our White Paper: Business and Organizational Magic Primer.