Jim Perry Magic has performed hundreds of private, public and corporate magic shows from NY’s Adirondack Mountains to sunny Virginia, and across South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota, sharing fun and magic with thousands. My performances range from intimate close-up magic in the audience’s hands to full-size stage illusions at resorts.

I apprenticed magic with his father, who learned the craft from his Vaudevillian uncle. Jim Perry Magic continues the family tradition.

Following a brief hiatus to move with his family to South Dakota, Jim Perry Magic returns with a newly designed show fueled by excitement, laughs and magic.

  • How did you get started? I was born into magic.  My father was a magician and tradition continues. 
  • How can I contact you? Call me at 845-701-5041, or email at magician@jimperrymagic.com, or use our contact page.
  • How did you do that? This is a hard question, because a magician must keep his or her secrets. In many ways, being a magician is like anything else; it takes many hours of practice and even more love, every single day. Certainly, those hours are full of study and learning magic secrets, but for me the most important part is to rehearse until the “how” disappears and just happens without thinking about it.  Just like when you might drive a car, swing a baseball bat, or ride a bike, when I perform, I don’t really know “how” the illusion works anymore.  I focus on making the magic wonderful and interactive for my audience. I really don’t know how, and sometimes, I am just as surprised as you.
  • Who are your magical influences? My first and most important magical influence is my father.  Of course, both my parents taught, loved and encouraged me. Dad was the magician.  He taught me the basic principles of magic, performance, costume and illusion-craft.  More importantly, he taught me that magic was a joy and wonder to share with an audience. Stylistically, Dad was a formal Top Hat and Tails magician. My show seeks to define its own uniqueness, but I especially love the work of Jeff Mcbride, Doug Henning and David Roth.
  • When is your next public performance? The show constantly schedules performances check our calendar to see when we will perform next.
  • Do you tour? There is no current plans to a tour, but we are working on it.  Stay tuned.
  • Do you know how to cheat at cards? Yes.
  • Will you teach me to cheat at cards? Yes and no.  I offer lectures explaining how cheaters cheat.  This can be a fun party for an adult crowd.
  • After I learn how to cheat at cards, will I win lots of money? Learning how cheaters cheat is a great way to protect yourself from unscrupulous individuals.  Actually cheating at cards is asking for legal trouble  if not violent reactions.  If you want to win at cards, study mathematics.
  • What organizations do you belong to? Magically, I am a member of the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and I attend local chapters of the organizations whenever possible. I am also a member of our local Clay County, SD Fair Board.