On Guarantees

You see it in advertising and marketing copy in big, bold print with extra-exclamation marks: “Money-back Guarantee!!!!” or some such wording.

Before I go on, let me say that of course businesses should keep their end of a bargain and refund money when customer expectations are not met. I would. Any quality business partner would.

Entertainers owe you more than promises to refund your money if they fail. An entertainer, for example a magician, must never let your company down. The key is entertainment focused on your company and your goals.

Message entertainment is the seamless integration of great entertainment with your message. Message entertainment is the key element of excellent corporate entertainment.

Entertainment, especially message entertainment, is a time and place event that creates and sets a lasting impression of you, your product and your event. When the entertainment is great, the attendees remember the fabulous event that your business sponsored. When it is terrible, the most you can hope for is that they remember that your event was good, but the entertainer was not. The worst is that your event is forgotten altogether, along with your hard work, time and money. The return of a performer’s fee cannot make up for that.

So how can you guarantee positive a lasting impact?

I start with your message. What important idea do you need to communicate to your audience? Is it a new product? an employee program? your brand? your appreciation? establishing thought leadership? Whatever you need to communicate, I make it a part of the fun.

Next, I research. I use your website, your marketing materials, and most importantly your goals to understand your business and message. I pull all this together to create an approach that incorporates your message into the performance. We then schedule a brief (phone) meeting to discuss and confirm the approach.

Once you approve, I rehearse and deliver a great show, with your message as the center piece.

There is more to corporate entertainment than pulling rabbits out of hats, reading minds at the front of the room, or coin and card manipulations at a table. Of course, corporate entertainment must be fun, but why not make it so much more? Magic entertainment can create lasting good impressions and memories. It enables community and customer engagement. Most importantly, magic entertainment is message entertainment.

When the audience is entertained, and your message is front and center, success is guaranteed.

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