Developing “Laughs, Wonders and Illusions”: The Concepts

Moving from research to a performance-ready show is long journey.

Even before Krissy joined Jim Perry Magic, my notebook was filled with illusion ideas. Pictured here is an quick sketch from September 2016, which ultimately did not make the show.

Maybe someday, we will build and perform this one, but for now, it will wait. It is one of dozens of ideas that we looked at in the concept phase of the show.

As we moved from concept to planning, Krissy and I agreed that we prefer magic that has a lot of comic moments. So we started to list effects that allowed that type of interpretation and to exclude those that didn’t (for me that meant no sawed-in-halfs, feigned dismemberments or body penetrations). We drafted several handwritten lists.

Eventually, we made an overall outline that details the general flow of the show. This basic framework allows us to focus on the specific performances of the individual effects. From there, we began scripting and sketching. We continue to plan and work towards our premiere in Crofton, NE on March 11 for the Shannon Trail Promoters.

Next week’s post will focus on the scripting and concept drawing process (and maybe a few work-in-process workshop photos).

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    1. Thanks Lynne and Vern. Honestly, this is the dream. It is much the sort of thing that Dad was trying to do before he passed. Without everything he taught me about magic and cabinet making, I would never have been able to attempt this at all.

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