Developing “Laughs, Wonders and Illusions”

It is the reason I started.

Lots of folks thought I was crazy when a left a great job at a great university (University of South Dakota–Go Yotes!) to return to full time magic. It was hard for them to understand leaving a secure, well-paying, fully-benefited job to perform. Those who know me best knew that it wasn’t really a choice. I need to entertain and inspire audiences to escape into a world of laughter, wonder and illusion.

So we dove right into the deep end. I hired an assistant (Krissy Leitru), and first we redesigned the stand-up magic show. We made great progress, and we are very proud of that offering. But, we have never lost sight to the end goal: an illusion show for all ages! Between writing and rehearsing the stand-up show, we started to brainstorm and research the full illusion show. We spent weeks reading and re-reading books in my magical library, watching hours of videos on the internet, and just tossing out ideas.

The ideas started to come together, and several things became clear:

  • We loved the adventurer magician idea, but decided to table that idea for later.
  • Individually and as a duo, we prefer magic that has a lot of comic moments.
  • We wanted to build our own illusions.

So we outlined a show and started to write scripts for each illusion. After a week, we had strong first drafts of each illusion script and some concept diagrams. We are in the process of refining, expanding and improving these illusions as we go into the shop to continue building them this week.

The show includes a Portal Appearance, a crate escape, the suspension in mid-air of an audience member and much more.

More next week…

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