Magic is a profession like any other, and it is important to stay up to date. I spent last Saturday at a lecture with David Hira for just that reason.

David’s lecture was outstanding. The presentation prompted many ideas for improvements to our show. I cannot wait to incorporate them. But beyond the technical showmanship and magic ideas, David’s lecture asked a critical question: Why?

Why? Why are we magicians?

This question is about motivations and the attitudes that a performer brings to the stage. I could give many answers to the question “why do you perform?” from continuing a family tradition to its just plain fun. But those reasons would not explain why I don’t return to post-secondary education or return to the lucrative computer science field. And honestly, they are not why I choose to become a full-time entertainer.

I became an entertainer because I love to take people away from their daily lives, to help them for a few minutes to see a world filled with wonder and laughs.

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