The Current and the Next Show

I became a magician at two years old. At least that was the first time I took the stage with my dad. At times magic was a hobby; at times it was my main source of income. I created some great magic, but I never found the time I needed to create the fantastic show I imagined.

Like many part-time performers, the old Jim could never step back. I could never practice and rehearse enough to be confident and excellent. This meant stagnation or worse: cramming half-ready stuff into the act at the last minute.

As a full-time performer, I found the way to beat the problem: The Current and the Next show.

The Current Show is the practiced, rehearsed and perfected show that I perform publicly. If you called right now, I could pack in 45 minutes and perform soon after arriving. There is a close-up and stage version, ready to go! The Current Show is Jim Perry Magic.

The Next Show is the future of Jim Perry Magic. It is show under design, being practiced or rehearsed. If you called right now, I would not book the Next Show before its production-ready date. There is a strict and ambitious schedule for the Next Show. There are a close-up, stage and illusion versions. The Next Show is future of Jim Perry Magic.

Making this delineation between development and production means that I can be more creative in the Next Show, because it is not promised, and therefore not rushed. Being a full-time magician gives me the time and space to make that happen!

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