Our new Asst. Magician

Our new Asst. Magician, Krissy Leitru (Photo: Josh Kingsbury)

I am so excited to welcome our new Asst. Magician, Krissy Leitru from Yankton, SD, to Jim Perry Magic. Krissy, is a graduate of Elk Point-Jefferson High School, in South Dakota, and she brings acting, musical, dance and artistic experience to our show.

In her new role as Assistant Magician at Jim Perry Magic, Krissy performs and supports magic, juggling, puppetry and other entertainment up-close, on-stage and as part of our illusion show. She interacts, on and off stage, with audiences and clients, and participates in promotion and marketing including public appearances, video, audio, still photography and social media.

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  1. go for it Krissy Hope you are feeling better. It was greatNamcy
    to see you all and let us
    you are on the West coast
    Love GG

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