Kicking-off Professor Jim: Magical Explorer

“A strange apparatus is wheeled downstage center and spun 360 degrees. The machine begins to make noise, and the shutters rise on the transportation chamber. Steam spews forth from the bell. Through the slats on the chamber, an eerie light shines. After a delay, the slats drop and Professor Jim, Magical Explorer appears sitting in the machine.”

This is a quote from the script of the opening scene of our currently under development illusion show for schools and the whole family.

Professor Jim is an ordinary magician, who discovered some very strange things in his father’s papers. Following clues like a 150 year-old coin, some letters, an old map. Jim discovers a portal between the ordinary and a magical dimension. And this is where the adventure begins.

Of course, “Professor Jim: Magical Explorer” is a magic show with illusions and magical effects that will make you laugh and say wow! But, it is also a story–intended to be an ongoing serial–of a hardworking human, the magical friends he makes, and the challenges they face.

Work on the script has begun. Costumes designed and sewn. Illusions are moving from the drafting board to rehearsal stage. Many aspects of the show are in the works, yet even more work lies ahead. Fairy costumes are next. What is your idea of the perfect fairy costume?

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