Its a Good Start

I love magic.

Magic allows me to help people laugh and wonder, and think creatively. It allows me to express my creativity.

But, most of all magic allows me to ignore boundaries: the boundaries of science, of normality, of reality.

I enjoy the current show. It contains a beautiful, fun and funny, and exciting selection of effects. Audiences can directly participate in the Silk to Egg transformation, or wonder at the opening productions and the silk penetrating a balloon. They are amazed at the card effects, (and rope, and rings, and fire, and water effects and more) and the escape–which really contains a dangerous element–is visual and amazing. Throughout, we enjoy the wonder and humor together.

Its a good start, a great start for the customer’s dollar.

But it will never be enough!

Each day that I am not performing, I create. Sometimes sewing new costumes, or building new illusions, or exploring new venues. I go to sleep each night thinking, “Today, I made progress. Today, the show got better. Today was good start.”

And in the morning, as I sip my coffee, I think, “What’s next?”

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