Jim Perry Magic helps organizations celebrate, motivate and communicate through laughs, wonders and illusions.

We offer a unique mix of magic and humor–customized to your needs–that brings excitement to your celebration with your choice of close-up, stage or illusions using fire, liquids, silks, cards and a myriad of highly visual, surprising illusions on a grand scale.

Jim Perry Magic provides a crisp, humorous performance that places your and your guests enjoyment first:

  • The show’s amazing magic and humor creates a friendly ambiance for your guests.
  • Magic leaves a lasting good impression and memory of your event.
  • The close-up and stage shows are self-contained, with no special requirements for staging, seating or sound.
  • I bring everything I need and can set up quickly while you attend to the other details of the event.

Jim Perry Magic is my life-long passion. I have performed at after proms, community, private and corporate events, and schools and libraries from Connecticut and New York to Virginia, and for the last several years, throughout the Midwest and North Central Plains.

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Customer Testimonial from Shannon Trail Promoters, Crofton, NE
Janet C. Event Organizer, Carroll, IA
“Jim and his assistant Krissy provided wonderful entertainment for our corporate client appreciation event recently. They were timely, professional and did an excellent job of incorporating the audience members throughout the evening and keeping us laughing and smiling throughout the evening. They took time to research about our company and personalize the presentation for us! Two thumbs up for a wonderful evening of entertainment for our clients!”
Shantel O. Corporate Christmas Party. Minot, ND
“Jim was a great addition to our work Christmas Party. He was early and set up by the time we got there. Jim was prepared and even walked around before the performance to get to know some of our attendees. He was funny and interacted so well with the audience. There were lots of laughs throughout the show. The magic was very cool and left people wondering “how’d he do that?”. I would recommend Jim for any event!”

David V., Volunteer Coordinator. Le Mars, IA
“The group enjoyed your performance very much. I had one call in specifically to thank me for the great time they had yesterday. We meet once a month, and not very often do we get a special call. They love to laugh.”
Kimberly M., Prom Organizer. Spencer, IA
“Great interaction with the students at our prom!”
Kim C., Bar/Restaurant Owner. Scotland, SD
“He was a great performer, funny and entertaining. He really got the crowd involved. We would be honored to invite him back in the future.”
Robyn M., Corporate Holiday Party. Slayton, MN
“Jim Perry was entertaining, funny, and kept the audience wondering what was coming next. It was nice to have him involve the audience, made the show funnier seeing people we knew involved. I would recommend his show for other parties, adult or children.”

Peter S., Private Party Garrison, NY
If you are looking for a performer for kids, Jim is the man. If you’re looking for a performer for adults, Jim is again the man. We hired Jim initially to perform for the kids. Not only did he do a great job at that, he also did a fantastic job with the adults. He did his magic show and then taught everyone to juggle scarves. This was a very interactive show. His patience with the kids is amazing. The banter with the adults, very funny. Jim entertained EVERYONE!! Each of our guests said they plan to hire him for their next party. I only hope he is available for our next event. Thank you Jim for a job WELL DONE!!!!!
Kevin C., Mitchell, SD
“Jim put on a very entertaining and fun show for us. He also went the “second mile,” spending time with and doing tricks for individuals after the show. Highly recommended.”
Leane C., Bar/Restaurant Owner. Bingham Lake, MN.
“Jim was a pleasure to have at our bar / restaurant and everyone had a great time. His table visits were talked about for several days afterward.”
Anton P., Groom. Woodstock, NY
“When I got married in 1992, Jim was a…friend…and he offered to do a magic show. The show turned out to be a GREAT success. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone seeking a top-notch prestidigitator, or for that matter, an arch-mage!”
Sheila M., Organizer, Heart of the Hudson Bounty Festival and Hudson Valley Farmer´s Market. Marlboro, NY.
“Jim Perry Magic was a great addition to the Heart of the Hudson Valley Farmer´s Market and the Heart of the Hudson Bounty Festival in the town of Marlborough. We try to feature local businesses and talented performers like Jim Perry Magic, and we are greatly appreciative of their contribution. Everyone was thrilled and amazed by the incredible magic shows!”
Rosemarie D., Coordinator of Children´s Activities. New Paltz, NY.
“Magic is Alive with Jim Perry Magic! The audience was entertained and awed by his illusions! Everyone that walked away from the show asked, `How DID he do THAT?´ I can´t wait for Jim Perry Magic to join us again next year at the 6th Annual Celebration of the Arts!”





Dates subject to change, check back here for the latest information.
January 2019

  • 8 Aktion CLub: Sioux City, IA
  • 10 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD
  • 12 Corporate Show: Deadwood, SD
  • 17 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD
  • 24 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD
  • 25 Corporate Celebration: Vermillion, SD
  • 28 School Show: Harrington, NE
  • 31 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD

February 2019

  • 4 Private Institutional Show: Cherokee, IA
  • 7 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD
  • 14 Youth Computer Programming: Vermillion, SD
  • 17 Church Celebration, Rapid City, SD
  • 17 Adult Web Presence, Google My Business, Vermillion, SD

March 2019

  • 16 Organization Party, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 22 Private Party, Sioux City, IA
  • 23 Fundraiser, Yankton, SD
  • 31 After-Prom. Martin, SD
  • 31 Public illusion Fundraiser Shannon Trails, Wausa, NE

April 2019

  • 6 Organzation Party, North Sioux City, SD
  • 7 After Prom, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 10 Emcee for USD High School Robotics Contest, Vermillion, SD
  • 14 After Prom, Elgin, NE
  • 25 Corporate Dinner Party Event: Tyson. Sioux City, SD
  • 26 Corporate Recognition Event: Kolberg-Pioneer, Yankton, SD
  • 28 After Prom, North, Platte, NE

May 2019

  • 4 Renaissance Faire of Nebraska: Papillion, NE
  • 5 Renaissance Faire of Nebraska: Papillion, NE
  • 29 School Assembly: Huron, SD

June 2019

  • 3 Public Library, Carlisle, IA
  • 4 Gutekunst Public Library, State Center, IA
  • 5 Madrid Public Library, Madrid, IA
  • 6 Corporate Shaw, Lennox, SD
  • 6 Presho Public Library, Presho, SD
  • 8 Tolono Public Library, Tolono, IL
  • 11 Jacksonville Public Jackonsville, IL
  • 17 Public Library, Ashland, IL
  • 17 Public Library, Pleasant Plains, IL
  • 18 Public Library, Clinton, IL

July 2019

  • 2 Public Library, Taylorville, IL
  • 9 Public Library, Ida Grove, IA
  • 10 Public Library, Marcus, IA
  • 13 Celebration, Sisseton,SD
  • 15 Public Library, Vermillion, SD
  • 17 Public Library, Elk Point, SD
  • 25 Fundraiser, Pierre, SD

August 2019

  • 3 Community Event, Mullen, NE
  • 30 Community Event, Yankton, SD

September 2019

  • 10 PTO Event, Hayti, SD
  • 14 Steampunk and Pirate Festival, Vermilliom, SD
  • 21 Organization Event, Yankton, SD

October 2019

  • 6 Riverssance Festival, Sioux City, IA

Recent Appearances:

December 2018

  • 1 Corporate Celebration, Sioux City, IA
  • 6 Corporate Celebration, Rapid City, SD
  • 7 Corporate Celebration, Chamberlain, SD
  • 8 Corporate Celebration, Deadwood, SD
  • 14 Corporate Celebration, Crawford, NE
  • 20 SESDEC, Vermillion SD
  • 31 Public Illusion Show: New Years Eve Bash, Minerva’s Restaurant, Yankton, SD

November 2018

  • 1 Library Performer Showcase, Sioux Falls, SD
  • 2 Library Performer Showcase, Aberdeen, SD
  • 5 Library Performer Showcase, Peoria, IL
  • 6 Library Performer Showcase, Clinton, IL
  • 7 Library Performer Showcase, Rock Island, IL
  • 28 Rotary Luncheon, Vermillion, SD

October 2018

  • 3 School Show: Buffalo, SD (2 Shows)

September 2018

  • 7 Fundraiser: Pierre Area Referral Service, Pierre, SD
  • 14 School Show: Bon Homme, SD
  • 17 School Show: Alcester-Hudson, SD
  • 19 Library Performer Showcase, Le Mars, IA
  • 20 Library Performer Showcase, Pella, IA
  • 21 Library Performer Showcase, Monticello, IA
  • 27 School Show: Mission, SD (2 Shows)

August 2018

  • 9 PUBLIC EVENT: Clay County Fair, Vermillion, SD
  • 25 Corporate Event, Lead, SD
  • 26 Magic Lecture, Sioux City, SD

July 2018

  • 14 Camping Resort: Rapid City, SD Children’s show
  • 14 Camping Resort: Rapid City, SD Evening show
  • 20 Senior Event: Yankton, SD

June 2018

  • 7 PUBLIC EVENT: Presho Public Library, Presho, SD
  • 23 PUBLIC EVENT: Community Event, Leed, SD
  • 27 PUBLIC EVENT: Elk Point Public Library, Elk Point, SD

May 2018

  • 8 AKTION Event (Sponsored by Kiwanis Club), Sioux City, IA
  • 16 Regency Square Senior Living, South Sioux City, NE

April 2018

  • 6 Fundraiser, Hospice of Murray County, Slayton, MN
  • 8 After-Prom, Faith, SD
  • 11 Emcee for USD High School Robotics Contest, Vermillion, SD
  • 14 Dakota Southern Cattlemens Assn, Tabor, SD
  • 21 Community Event, Bison, SD
  • 22 After-Prom, Bison, SD
  • 28 After-Prom, Coon Rapids, IA

March 2018

  • 11 PUBLIC EVENT: Illusion Fundraiser, Crofton, NE
  • 20 Senior Event: Yankton, SD
  • 24 After-Prom, McIntosh, SD

February 2018

  • 9 South Dakota Development Center, Redfield SD
  • 10 Customer Recognition Event, Huron, SD
  • 11 PUBLIC EVENT. Sioux City Magic Club, Sioux City, IA
  • 16 Senior Event, Sioux Falls, SD

January 2018

  • 12 Corporate Event, Bottineau, ND

December 2017

  • 1 Corporate Event, Orange City, IA
  • 2 Customer Recognition Event, Lincoln, NE
  • 8 Corporate Event: Border Ag and Energy, Bottineau, ND
  • 9 Corporate Event, Minot, ND
  • 21 Corporate Event, Wichita, KS
  • 31 Yankton Historical Society, Yankton, SD

November 2017

  • 1 Allied Systems: Employee Recognition Event, North Sioux City, SD
  • 16 Thrivent Financial: Customer Recognition Event, Carroll, IA

October 2017

  • 1 Magician’s Retreat and Workshop (organized by Jim Perry Magic), Vermillion, SD

September 2017

  • 5 Volunteer Recognition Event, Le Mars, IA

August 2017

  • 10 PUBLIC EVENT: Clay County Fair, Vermillion, SD
  • 12 PUBLIC EVENT: Emcee at Youth Talent Contest: Clay County Fair, Vermillion, SD

July 2017

  • 12 PUBLIC EVENT: Osceola County Fair, Sibley, IA
  • 13 PUBLIC EVENT: Osceola County Fair, Sibley, IA
  • 15 PUBLIC EVENT: Jefferson Days, Jefferson, SD

June 2017

  • 3 Private Party. Kingston, NY
  • 17 Humane Society. Vermillion, SD
  • 24 PUBLIC EVENT: Boyden Bash. Boyden, IA
  • 25 PUBLIC EVENT: Osmond Summerfest. Osmond, NE
  • 28 PUBLIC EVENT: Ogallah Public Library YES! Program. Ogallah, NE

April 2017

  • 9 After-Prom. Scranton, ND
  • 23 After-Prom. Spencer, IA

February 2017

  • 14 GSS Valentine’s Day. Wagner, SD
  • 17 PUBLIC EVENT: Jac’s. Scotland, SD

January 2017

  • 13 Christmas Celebration. Balatin, MN
  • 21 Christmas Celebration. Sioux City, IA

Previous Customers:

  • Adopt a Grandparent
  • DMM Optimist Society
  • Cub Scouts
  • Gelita
  • Girl Scout Camporee
  • Keith Bennet Karate Academy
  • Kohls
  • Magic Cruise around Manhattan
  • Meet Me in Marlboro
  • Raquette Lake Library
  • Rocking Horse Ranch
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Utica Public Library