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Big Change Starts with First Steps

JimPerryMagic.com is slowly changing. I am using the hiatus from performing to transform Jim Perry Magic. You will start seeing the changes on jimperrymagic.com, Facebook and Twitter. My performing partner (and step-daughter) Emily Vidler started college last fall, and she has some great academic and performing goals very separate from…

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Hiatus? What do you mean, Hiatus?

It is hard to believe after many years of performing at first part-time and then full-time that Jim Perry Magic is going to take a little time off. My family moved to South Dakota to pursue some unparalleled academic and professional opportunities. A double-decker card fan Our show brought much…

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How Cheaters Cheat, Part II: Defending Against the Pre-Marked Deck

Today’s discussion of the pre-marked desk (one that was purchased marked) reveals its very limited use to the card cheat. These decks have subtle markings worked into the back pattern of the cards, which allows the player in the know to identify the suit and value of a card by…

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Experience the wonder of magic before your eyes. Marvel as Jim Perry Magic creates miracles in your hands. Be astounded by the impossible illusions up close and onstage.

You can bring the magic and wonder to your personal, community or corporate event, as fire, water, and silks vanish, appear and dance through a fast-paced show which engages and includes your audience. Enjoy the wonder when as you Discover the Illusions of floor and stage magic or in our Grand Illusion show, when a magician suddenly appears inside an empty box to join your party.